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Love Motion

Countdown begins now.My sis and I will be meeting Lee Min Ho for the second time on July 6, 2013 at the MOA Arena in his My Everything Concert, as part of his global tour.  Just for the occasion, we have rented a unit at the SM Sea Residences just across the Arena for our convenience, hehehe.

Unfortunately, I haven’t memorized his songs yet.  Have been playing it over and over in my car since his album came out, but Korean’s so hard to digest, really.  The best I could do is a few phrases here and there.

A lot of comments going around that Lee Min Ho should just stick to acting – and forget singing.  I remember reading that his singing experience is limited to videoke, hehehe.  I don’t think he really wants to sing professionally, but the circumstances forced him to do so, especially that he can carry a tune.  He has got a really huge fan base around the world and has held several fan meets – where he occasionally rendered song numbers.  When he came to Manila last November, my sis and I were wondering what he’d be doing for two hours because he is just an actor and games can only do so much.  So, this is a welcome development because this is something his fans will enjoy during fan meets.

Lee Min Ho’s voice may still be raw and lacking, but one must agree he has potential because he can certainly belt out a melody.  Give him a few more years of singing and he can develop his voice [though he’s been expressly conveying in his interviews that he won’t be making a career out of it and will return to acting soon].

I’m really enjoying his mini-album.  It’s a variety of pop, love song, and some kind of alternative rock.  Just my cup of tea.  And goodness, that video above when he was doing that ‘motion’ thingy… whooaaaa!

I felt uncomfortable that aside from the expensive tickets, sis and I were originally just flying to the capital to watch the concert.  I mean, gah, so costly.  But there’s a delightful change of plans.  My younger sister is scheduled to deliver my nephew on July 8 so I’m extending my stay to welcome the newest addition to the family.  At least my trip to Manila won’t be solely for Lee Min Ho.

Can’t wait to meet you Min Ho-ssi and Nahbi boy!


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