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Lee Seung Gi

Sunganmada nega tteoolla

Each moment, I think of you

Joyonghi natge ullideon geu moksori

That voice that quietly rang with a low tone

Bomeul darmeun haessal gatatdeon neoui moseupkkaji

Even your resemblance to the spring sunlight

Eonjena neon naui maeireul hwanhage bichwosseo

You always brightly shined on my day

Or so Lee Seung Gi’s song, Return, goes.

And so, my sister and I flew over and returned to Singapore once again to attend Lee Seung Gi’s Fan Meeting in Singapore, entitled The Brilliant Show.

As usual, my sister and I arrived three days before the show scheduled in September 7, 2013 – yeah, because it’s typhoon season in the Philippines, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Well, we spent the extra days spending time with our cousins and our mutual friend too.  Nothing wasted in that.

Unlike last year’s fan meet in Singapore, this time, there were only four of us from Airen Philippines who were fortunate to make the trip there and greet Seung Gi again.  But the small number is irrelevant.  We sure did make Airen Philippines’ presence felt despite the low turn out of AirenPh fans 🙂

For one, my sister and I brought along with us two tarpaulins with Lee Seung Gi Philippines clearly printed on it.   My sister and I [together with our ever supportive guy cousins] went to Changi Airport to welcome Seung Gi upon his arrival.  We arrived at the airport about 1:30 in the afternoon of September 6, 2013.  It was previously posted at Faith & D Entertainment’s FB page that Seung Gi’s flight will land at 2:20PM.  But good that we were a bit early because it was only in the airport that we learned that the flight will arrive at 1:58PM.  We quickly walked to terminal 2 and we can see that there was already like a barricaded walkway fronting the exits of Belts 32-34 [i think] all the way towards the exit of the airport.  A number of Airens [majority are from Airen SG] were already there preparing.  We were wearing our Official Airen shirts.  We quickly found a way to hang our tarpaulins on the steel barricades.  A SG Airen also gave us the ‘Welcome Back, Lee Seung Gi’ boards that we should hold when he comes out.  With a few minutes to spare, my sister and I found ourselves talking with other Airens from China.  An Airen from Indonesia happened to be beside us who was was also friends with a member of AirenPh – such a small world.  Airens took turns taking pictures with Seung Gi’s poster which was standing proudly nearby.   A lot of passers by were curious of the buzz we were making and some of them utter ‘kpop’ when they passed by.  Some ladies knew Seung Gi and excitedly took some pictures too.  I was so touched when an ajussi approached me and asked me who was arriving.  After I replied, he told me, ‘I wish you can shake hands with him’.  ^.^

Then the time finally came when everyone was shouting crazily ‘Seung Gi!’.  At first, I couldn’t see where he was because he was surrounded by a lot of security.  He walked really fast and just breezed through – he was smiling and waving and I was shouting his name so loudly.  Then, he was gone – I don’t think he ever read the ‘Welcome Back’ boards, huhuhu.  It was my first airport experience and I thought he would at least slow down his steps to greet us all.  He looked darker and absolutely thinner than last time but definitely handsome.  Although he quickly came and went, that didn’t get our spirits down because we know we will be meeting him again at the open press conference a few hours later.  As expected, my sister and I were still happily on Cloud Nine that we hurriedly went towards the taxi station to go to Bugis+ Mall – only to be reminded by our cousin about the tarpaulins.  We retraced our steps and collected them – it was this time that we met another AirenPh who arrived about an hour early before Seung Gi’s and who waited for him inside.  Too bad, she wasn’t able to give her present to Seung Gi inside because there were just so many fans inside too.


We thought the Atrium of Bugis+ Mall would have been full of fans already when we went there from the airport, but it was still practically a bit empty when we got there.  We quickly chose where to position ourselves.  Last year, we were at the left most portion of the stage where Seung Gi entered — but we didn’t go there again because last year, the MC blocked Seung Gi from our view because Seung Gi sat between the MC and the interpreter.  My sister and I also avoided the center area because last year, the high caliber TV cameras and the like were positioned there and that would also block the view of Seung Gi.  So we moved in the middle of the left side.  But when it was about to start, we discovered our view of Seung Gi from where we were was also blocked by the speaker.  It was too late to find a better space.

Lee Seung Gi

Minutes before 6:30, the invited media interviewed some Airens and also took video coverage.  Because of our tarpaulins announcing Airen Philippines, we got a lot of pictures taken and some videos too 🙂  And thanks to the tarpaulins, the MC noticed that some Filipino fans were there.  He told us he just came back from a vacation in Boracay and asked us if we wanted Seung Gi to say a ‘I Love You’ in Tagalog/Filipino.  Of course, we agreed!

Finally, the MC announced Seung Gi’s entrance and the fans grew wild, shouting his name.  I could barely breath while shouting at the top of my lungs.  That megawatt smile just… just… melts me, whoaaaa!  Seung Gi, Seung Gi!  He introduced himself in English and I was so proud of him.  His accent was alright and I was just so happy to hear him say something that I can automatically understand [goodbye, subtitles!].  The MC informed Seung Gi of the fans who were present, starting with the ones from Japan.  Then, he told us fans from the Philippines were also there.  Seung Gi said, where?  And we Filipino Airens almost died shouting ‘here! here!here!’.  He said he was sorry that he didn’t know any Filipino words and he brightly smiled at us, waved, and said ‘hello’.  Oh my goodness, I swear I thought he was looking at me, bwahhhaaa!  But, the MC did not forget what he told us earlier, and continued to tell Seung Gi about the Tagalog / Filipino words he could say for I Love You and Seung Gi asked, ‘what is that’.  Then, the MC said ‘Mahal Kita’ and Seung Gi looked at our direction again and smilingly said ‘Mahal Kita’, OMG, OMG, OMG!  We jumped, we screamed so loudly and wildly and I think we all just died of happiness there, hearing him speak in our language!  It’s a first in our Airen history!!!

The MC continued to introduce other Airen clubs, ending with SG Airens.  Without further ado, the press conference started.  There are a lot of videos around on the press con so I won’t write about each anymore [lazy!].  But, as a whole, I observed that this time, Seung Gi was more at ease.  He smiled a lot too. Very charming as always.  He was witty in his answers [‘maybe nothing?’ when asked about a girl’s bad habit that he hates], careful [‘I’m not preparing for anything’ before he answered what his dream wedding is], honest [when he said he’s a bit obsessive compulsive when he has new things].  He talked about his upcoming new variety show [Grandpas Over Flowers], as well as his recently concluded drama [Gu Family Book].  Like last year, he was asked what he likes doing more: singing, acting or hosting.  Same with the previous press con, him being a good husband material was also taken up.  I loved it when the reporter told him that some fans were jealous of Japanese fans whom he visited three times this year.  Yeah!  I’m jealous too!  He said he wanted to hold a concert outside South Korea, but time and logistics are quite difficult.  Then he said he’s really thankful that he could tour Asia in his fan meetings.  He was prompted which country he would like to visit next.  He said ‘Hong Kong’ seeing how the fans from Hong Kong were waving their sign; ‘Taiwan’ fans were shouting so he said he will be going to Taiwan soon and then after that, I couldn’t hear anymore because we were again screaming ‘Philippines’ ‘Philippines’ ‘Philippines’ so loudly so that he could hear and mention us.  He acknowledged that he did when he said ‘Philippines’ and then mentioned Indonesia, Malaysia… everywhere 🙂

The press con only lasted for half an hour [it was 1hr last year].  Then Seung Gi left after posing a few minutes for the media.  Last year, I got tears streaming down my face when I saw Seung Gi the first time in the press con and they continued to fall afterwards.  Tears of joy, no doubt.  Surprisingly, I didn’t tear up this time.  I guess I wasn’t really that star struck anymore.  Even then, I felt so light and happy after seeing him up close again.  I left the mall with a joyful heart indeed.

The next day was D-Day.  Last year was so hectic because we had to go early at 1PM for a chance to drop our wish for Seung Gi.  There wasn’t any of that sort this time.  We took our sweet time getting ready for the event that night.  We arrived at the Resorts World Festive Grand about 4:00 PM.  The hall was already swamped with Airens.  I went to the booth of the Official Airen FC to claim my ticket while my sister claimed hers at the booth of Faith & D.  My seat number was D23 while my sister was in C57 [?].  My sister’s ticket was only wrapped in a white paper while mine was in a a beautiful blue Airen envelope.  I was also given some promo posters and fan of Seung Gi’s Berocca print ad.  : )  My sister turned green, hehe.


Then we proceeded to buy official merchandise too.  Thank goodness, we got light-sticks because I heard it went out of stock a few minutes after.


It was still about a two-hour wait and after having taken photos everywhere, there was only one thing to do – eat.  There was McDonald’s and McCafe near the Festive Grand, so my sister and I and our two cousins ate some snacks and hang out at McCafe to pass the time.

At quarter to six, we went back to Festive Grand.  The crowd hovering outside Festive Grand was already piling up, but maybe because it’s a large hall that it didn’t feel cramped.  I remember at Kallang Theater last year when we were all tightly lining up skin to skin while waiting for the doors to be open.  At about 6:30, the three of us from Airen Ph went inside.  There was no line at all.  Unfortunately, our bags were subject to inspection because cameras are not allowed in.  I brought my Olympus point and shoot camera which I hurriedly hid at the bottom most portion of my bag.  Thankfully, even if the lady was using flashlight to inspect my bag, she didn’t see it 🙂


Along the hallways before the entrance to the theater proper, the wreaths of the different Airen fan clubs all over the world lined up.  And of course, we delighted seeing the wreath from Lee Seung Gi Philippines.  We took a few photos of the wreaths and then went inside.

I was alone going to my seat because my sister and Emy were at the other side of the theater.  By this time, I was already very excited to see Seung Gi again.


The theater was big – bigger than Kallang Theater.  And there was absolutely no space between the stage and the first row of seats, wahhh!  I sat at the fourth row, Row D seat 23, and although it was about 3-4 meters from the stage, I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t at the center – I wanted a full front view of Seung Gi like last year.  Same as last year, Seung Gi’s close up faces in led greeted me when I entered.  AirenSG prepared ‘muacks’ signs for Seung Gi which were made ready at each seat.

It seemed that the fans were running late because it was a few minutes to seven, but a lot of seats were still vacant.   But the show started about 7:20 and by then, the whole theater was fully packed with Airens.  While waiting, I anticipated what song Seung Gi will sing when he comes in.  I so wanted it to be ‘Losing My Mind’, my favorite song, but because it was his first song in Thailand, I did not get my hopes up.

I was a bit surprised, though, when he came in singing ‘Will You Marry Me?’ because that was his entrance song at last year’s FM in Singapore, hehehe.  I still have the video of that in my phone 🙂  When he went in, wahhhh, I felt the same when I first heard him sing live.  The only difference this time is he was so near.  I could clearly see his facial expression.  Last year, we sat at Row O, so it was quite far.

I was mindful that I was taking a video of his performance, so I did all I could to control my screams… well, until Seung Gi came nearer to our area, I cannot contain calling his name with all the others around me.  After his song, the MC and the interpreter came in.  I love hearing him speak short phrases in English 🙂

The format was the same like the past FM.  The first part was him interacting with the fans through interviews or games.  There were fewer games this time — only 2:  finding the Dam Yeo Wool of SG and the hula hoop game.  The first part focused mainly on Gu Family Book, both discussions and games.  The second part was the mini live show.  Video clips were also shown in between when he needed to change outfits.  There was a part when Seung Gi’s co-stars in Gu Family Book wished him well on his Asian Tour through a video clip.  I also loved SG Airens’ Especially for Seung Gi video message.  I can totally relate to the message they wanted to tell him.

Last year, Seung Gi brought his personal items which were up for grabs in the games and he didn’t do that this time.  Last year, he also wanted so much to throw balls to the second floor of Kallang Theater to give the fans there a chance to come down the stage with him.  This time, he also felt the same.  Having in mind that he could probably not throw far to the ends of the theater, he personally went down to throw the toy at the back.  The fans went wild seeing him pass by so near… but since the MC told everybody to behave, the fans stood their ground — but continued cheering him on.  While he was throwing the stuff toys at our area, I was arms wide open and ready to catch it but it wasn’t my luck, huhuhu.  At the second game, Seung Gi called our seat numbers but the closest to me was D27 when I was D23, whahhaaah!

LSG Brilliant hearts

Luckily, my sister was able to record about 90% of the show through her phone – she excluded the video clips and I was also able to record him singing all his songs so I will just be linking them below this post – sorry, so lazy to give a full account when there’s the video for that.  Be warned that it’s only recorded through an iphone and could not be zoomed [i hate you, iphone], Seung Gi is quite far.

I now know what it feels like to meet Seung Gi again… the first meeting was so emotional for me, my tears could not be controlled.  I’m proud to say, I didn’t shed a tear while seeing him this time.  But when I was watching his video message shot in Hawaii, telling us that he wanted to grow old with Airens, tears started forming in my eyes.  And every Airen was so silent watching that portion… obviously, all of us had lumps on our throat.  It was only my second time, but I feel more closer to him after this second encounter and like him, I want us to meet for a long, long time.  He may not know me personally, but after having bonded with him twice, I feel we’re closer already.  There was less screaming from me this time, but all throughout the show, I just enjoyed having him near and boring my eyes on him.  I didn’t even give much thought on the video I was shooting.  All my senses were just focused on him this time, just quietly putting everything in my brain to my memory bank… every smile, every move, I made mental snapshots.

Click to watch Seung Gi’s Message shot in Hawaii

Seung Gi said that since it’s his second time in Singapore, he felt familiarity with the fans.  I feel that too.  In the show, I can see how he really cares for his fans.  This is demonstrated when the lucky fans were playing the game of finding the Dam Yeo Wool of SG and he did not want some hard exercises to be done by the fans for they might get hurt.  His consideration for his fans was also revealed when he went all the way down from the stage to the middle of the theater to throw the toy so that the fans sitting on that area would have a fair chance of a close encounter with him.

Like in the press con, I can see Seung Gi being relaxed this time.  He was always smiling and game just to make his fans enjoy the show.  Even if he was kind of bullied to do something, like unbuttoning his shirt, he did it, although his actions show he was very uncomfortable baring his chest, wahhh!  He was also naughty at times, teasing the fans, like telling us that he remembers the kisses with Yeo Wool to be ‘good’ and jokingly telling us the back hug was erotic and that he prefers that we like him because he was ‘sexy’… ‘it was good’, ‘erotic’, ‘sexy’ these words, he really said and not translated 🙂  We were told after the show by the MC that Seung Gi did not eat dinner before the show because he was so nervous, saying that since it was his second time, he wanted a better show.  His nervousness did not show at all.  He looked happy playing with fans and just having a good time.  He looked cutest when he was being back hugged by the lucky fan… his expression was priceless and he later said that the position of the hands of the girl was ‘weird’… Huh?  Maybe he felt ticklish on that portion of his body, lol.

The show ran for about two and a half hours, but it was so short for me.  I wanted to listen to him forever and watch him intently from head to toe.  All too soon, it was over and we were there waiting for our turn for a Hi-5 with him.  I was already able to shake his hands twice last year.  So this was my third time touching his hand.  When it was my turn, our right hands met and I hurriedly told him, ‘Please come to the Philippines’ and he looked at me and said ‘Okay, okay, thank you very much’.  He was flashing his be-dimpled smile.  His hand was what I remember it to be – soft and silky 🙂  Up close, I could clearly see his face and his powder [foundation?] was very obvious because I saw some marks – maybe he was hurriedly made up after the live show.

I met my sister right outside the exit and we lingered for a little while talking with some Airens we met last year.  It was during this time that our Airen sister Emy introduced us to tryp.  We were so happy to finally meet her in person after one million years of reading her blog about Seung Gi.  We consider meeting her as on of the perks of this fan meet 🙂

Last year, my sister and I were so star stuck, we got lost in the SMRT going home because we were walking on Cloud 9.  This year, we made it to our hotel without any u-turns along the way.

Seung Gi-ah, I feel really blessed having seen you again.  Hope I get to see you again before you enter military service.

I really thank God for making this trip possible.  Many thanks to my hubby who let me travel to see Seung Gi without any question at all.  Thanks so much to my cousins Reece and AiAi who also supported our craziness and went with us to the press con and festive grand.

Here’s the video of our trip made by our cousin Reece:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JLWJ3J-ghlg

Seung Gi’s performances

1.  Intro

2.  Will You Marry Me?

3.  Return

4.  Tonight

5.  Love Has Taught Me To Drink

6.  Slave

7.  Smile Boy & Let’s Go On A Vacation

8.  Unfinished Story

The Brilliant Show part 1 [and go click the rest of the parts from 1-16]


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