..ang blog ni Yeyen.

SNS killed my blog

yenskay blog

Wow, it’s been ages, Blog!  Hello, hello, hello!

I was just passing through yesterday because I was checking our company website which is also on wordpress.  I scanned through my entries in here and I got disappointed with myself for not continuing to post here.  So many, many things have happened since then.

I took a moment to ponder what stopped my drive to keep this blog going.  And then, it just struck me.  All my thoughts, my pictures, my memories are shared in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in remembrance of those worthwhile moments.  Like, what’s there to write longer about, when I’ve already said, captured and treasured everything I wanted through micro-blogging via the SNS?  I clicked my blogroll and my friends’ blogs are also at a standstill.  We all stopped at about the same time when we shifted to SNS.  You killed it, SNS.

But, know what?  Reading longer entries and being prompted by those small details made remembering the memories more vivid and happier and precise.  I wish I had written about the family trip to the Holyland; I wish I had shared my travel to South Africa last year with my cousin.  To date, South Africa is now the most beautiful country on my list.  Or my second trip to South Korea with the rest of my family last year too, seven years after my first visit.  Last June, I also went on a barkada trip with my college friends to Australia – that would have been at least 5,000 words to write.  Or even my most recent trip to Singapore for a family vacation.

There are even updates on my past posts that would have been blog worthy.  Like how my friend Merci has been doing good ever since completing her treatment.  My last post was about her.  She was a bit weak when we saw each other December last year because she was fresh out of treatments.  But, she surprised us all when she attended our High School Alumni Homecoming last May.  I think she went back to work last week after having been on sick leave for over a year.  Praise God!

It would have been a joy to write about my nephew, Nahbi, who celebrated his second birthday when we went to Singapore.  He’s such a charmer and too bad his little life are all there in my SNS accounts.  Boo, Nahbi deserves a long entry all about himself.

I don’t think I have also mentioned about my mild cardio condition here and it would have been cool if I wrote about its diagnosis and all those hospital visits I made, until my cardiologist took me off from my medicines January of this year because I’m well (at the moment, haha).

I’ve been really busy.  I added a third job last year, that’s why.  Even my Korean lessons are so behind.  And I’m also slacking on my Kdramas, too.  And even exercising is a remote eventuality.

I’m not making any promises, Blog, but I hope I get this running even at a slow pace.


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