..ang blog ni Yeyen.

a foreword

This blog was a spur of a moment decision, while being drunk of boredom and restlessness due to withdrawal symptoms of a recently concluded favorite kdrama.

My nickname is yeyen but those close to me call me yenskay, tabagyen and tabag.  I’m sure you’ll agree with me that of the three variations, yenskay sounds better, hahaha.

I’ve always been one of those persons who kept diaries or journals while growing up — but gone are those days in the digital world.

I shouldn’t really be writing during my free time because my work already demands me to write and write and write whether I like it or not.  Yes, instead of writing I’d rather just relax and de-stress by watching my kdramas.  However, there are just times that I’m itching to yak about the world that I live in.

The personal entries are mostly true, but some are intentionally and slightly altered to protect some clueless persons who may be the subject of my day to day musings.  For the protected posts, the password [generally] is my family name in small caps, hehehe.  If you don’t know the family name then you don’t deserve to read it, hahaha.  Protected posts are mostly very private or probably offensive [hahaha!] or just plain chicka.

This blog used to be “Minding My Mind” but when I was thinking about making a new header for this blog, Lee Seung Gi’s song was playing in the background- the title of which is “Losing My Mind” and I said, why not?

Pleased to meet you in my cyberworld!


Comments on: "a foreword" (2)

  1. Erwin Yecyec said:

    what a touching story about joen…i didn’t expect that he will experience a life like that…well…amidst the trials his children will experience while leaving them here on earth…i know that GOD is a good GOD…a GOD of good order…still have wonderful plans for them…the will have to acknowledge His presence and help…then they will taste His eternal goodness…

    • lagi bong, God will make sure his children will make it through, just as He made sure Joen and his siblings did when uncle nonoy passed away.

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