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Dazzling Day

My day is not close to dazzling, but I am happily suffering from this ear worm.  Entitled “Dazzling Day” by Jung Yup, this is the second track in the OST of High Society which just finished airing this week.  High Society was a melodrama, but the angst was tolerable (or maybe I wasn’t that involved?).  Personally, I didn’t think the loose ends were tied very well in the end, but who cares, as long as Chang Soo and Ji Yi lived happily ever after.  Sorry to the fans, but the storyline of this second couple was more entertaining and they overshadowed the first couples’ love line.

Thank you always, Kdrama, for saving me from my bad days, my sad days, my stressed days.  Thank you for the giggles, the butterflies and momentarily providing an easy escape from this messed up world.  It’s been a really, really hard and busy week, but I’m always looking forward to resting in your warm embrace before bedtime.  While everybody else is unpredictable and unsound, you’ve always been stable, reliable and always there for me – no matter what and how I am.  We’re going a long, long way~~~~.


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