..ang blog ni Yeyen.

My fellow fangirl


We only met briefly,

But we were friends at first sight.

We excitedly attended Seung Gi’s first fan meeting in Singapore.

I remember you with your sweet smile

when you and Bjoi shyly approached the rest of us as we waited for the doors to open.

We planned to get together after the fan meet,

But because we were all high of Seung Gi, we never did.

Our friendship continued to grow through short messages

on facebook about Seung Gi and Min Ho.

We met again during Lee Min Ho’s fan meeting in Manila.

That day, you had arrived early in the morning to get our external drives and

You went home so that you can copy episodes of 1 Night 2 Days on them.

You probably spent about ten hours copying all the episodes of Strong Heart from mine,

and copying a lot of episodes of 1 Night 2 Days on mine and Rasheed’s.

Then, when we were lining up to enter the Smart Araneta Coliseum,

You hurriedly looked for us to give us the external drives.

We only exchanged a few words and smiles then

as we excitedly anticipated to meet Lee Min Ho.

After that, we continued to see each other

on Facebook on posts about Seung Gi and Min Ho again.

So when Lee Min Ho came back for a concert,

I contacted you, but you never replied.

Then I saw photos on your wall, with a girl who resembled you.

I thought she was your sister.

Her hair was entirely shaved,

And I thought you were busy taking care of her as she was obviously sick.

So I didn’t bother you anymore.

But I learned later on that it was actually you who was sick.

I was shocked that I barely recognized you

and I assumed you were sick with cancer because

You could not have shaved your long locks if it were not necessary.

Bjoi  told me to text you, and I did, using your old number.

You never replied.

At the back of my mind, I wanted to ask Bjoi for your new number,

But I got busy and I thought you were recovering well.

But you suddenly left last night.

I was devastated to receive the message of Rasheed.

God took you back when you were still so young.

Yes, our meetings were brief,

But as fangirls, we shared so much.

We may not have had long talks about the dramas we had watched

Or how meeting Seung Gi and Min Ho for the first time felt like,

But words are not necessary for us, chingu deul,

Because us fangirls, we undergo the same process,

We share the same emotions.

That was why we were friends at first sight.

Rest in peace, Mau chingu,

You are gone too soon,

You will be missed.

Thank you for our brief, memorable times together.


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