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Lauat Hair Treatment Shampoo

I’ve been meaning to write about this shampoo that I’ve been using for almost three months now, especially that I’ve made several entries on other falling hair treatment shampoos in the past.  It was hubby who saw this shampoo being promoted in TV by a medical doctor in one of the weekend medical shows.  I rarely watch such shows, but my husband faithfully does.  After seeing the episode, he told me about it because he notices my hair in the bathroom floor everyday [and he’s concerned for me, lol].  When he told me about it, I didn’t pay attention because my falling hair isn’t that many anymore, just a few strands, compared to those times I wrote about it.

Anyway, when we were in Manila a few months back, my husband brought me to Watson’s and he really looked for this shampoo.  When he found it, he advised me to buy two, but I said one will do because I had to test it first.

A herbal shampoo, this one’s major component is Lawat [Litsea Glutinosa] which contains Oleic acid and the mineral Selenium, an antioxidant which is good for the hair and scalp.

I thought my falling hair before using Lauat shampoo was already very minimal but after about two weeks, I rarely see falling hair on the bathroom floor anymore… only when I brush my long, wet hair after shower.  Since then, I’ve been using this everyday.

Unfortunately, this one is not available in our grocery stores here.  I had to ask my sister to buy for me at Watson’s… I don’t know if it’s available elsewhere though.  Compared to the other anti-falling hair shampoos I have used, this one is a bit cheaper.  At 250 mL, this one only cost P 160+.

Just thought someone would like to know about this.


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  1. thanks for your review. I’ve had my hair rebonded less than a month ago and i have been a lot of hair. i’ve been seeing this shampoo at Watson’s (now at P208.00). i bought one bottle, hopefully it works for me.

    • I also tried this one (same lauat but different brand, the one available at Mercury Durgstore) and it worked. I tried several shampoo but this is the only one that stop the dryness on my scalp and hoping the falling hair problem (already using this for almost 1 week).

  2. Hi! I bought this, too and I thought I was just imagining that I have less hair fall now. I’ve been using it for just two weeks. 🙂 I bought mine from FirstAid in Greenbelt 3. Have you tried the conditioner?

  3. basta ako pure lauat leaves gamit ko mas ok sxa kc wlang halong chemicals,dami lauat kc sa amin.

  4. the best anti hairfall! salamat sa inventor nito…di man kita kilala personally…pero sa dami ng lumalabas sa market na anti hairfall, eto lang yung di sinungaling…i tried this for a month…laking improvement…super thankful ako…dait kasi halos 300strands nalalagas sa buhok ko every day..now halos wala na tlga…great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i had a brazilian hair keratin done on my hair 2 months agoand after a month, i noticed falling hair( a lot ) and i’m so scared right now.. my friend gave me a bottle to try..i’m on the fifth day..praying hard to stop because i’m so scared to be bald.

  5. does it make your hair grow long as well? i was looking for hair grower. kasi gusto ko sana humaba ng mabilis buhok ko..

  6. does bald headed person helps them have hair?

  7. pwede ba sa mga lalaki to?

    • yes, at one point, my husband used this when his falling hair on the pillow was unusually a bit more.

  8. Hi yenskay! Kudos to this review. Whether Lauat will work for me or not, your posting your own findings on the product is already a useful guide to people like us who are in search of anti-hair fall solutions. Pregroe did not work for me; it did not minimize hair fall and left my hair drier. To be fair, Pregroe did not worsen the hair fall so parang no effect lang talaga siya. Siguro hiyangan lang talaga. Sana hiyang ‘to sa akin.

  9. Hi Yenskay, I bought LAUAT shampoo because pregroe didn’t work for me.. I have a severe hair fall and I have been having dandruff for a couple of years now. Does it helps eliminate dandruff? I tried lots of product and they never worked.. I hope this one does.. Another question, will this shampoo works even without the conditioner?

    • I don’t know about dandruff because I don’t have it.
      But, I use it without conditioner since I seldom apply any. It worked too.

  10. Angelica said:

    ilang weeks bago mo nakita yung less hair fall? and can it promote new hair growth?

  11. I just bought this from watsons last night coz the hairfall that im experiencing is actually quite disturbing na..this morning was the first time that i used it.. Its somehow heavy sa hair wc i find good coz it means that its adding volume to your hair..i really hope this works.

  12. pero bakit ung sakin. ahhmm 1 month ko na ginamit pero npansin ko mas mraming nalalagas na buhok ko,.tapos mas numinipis pa ung hair ko. :(( hayyy. ah,, normal lang ba to?or it takes a long time to see if it is effective?sobrang nipis na kc ng hair ko eh. pero ggmitin ko pa din sya.sana maging effective.

    • yenskay said:

      Oh no, my hair didnt continue to fall when i used it. After a few days, it stopped my hairfall. Maybe this isnt for you.

  13. Hair loss can certainly be combated by much quicker growth,
    and something as simple as chopping an innovative onion
    up and using it in to your hair shampoo can accomplish this by means of the onion’s unique enzymes. To lose one’s hair should be particularly discouraging.
    Chinese herbalists believe that mulberry is an excellent
    tonic for the kidney, liver and blood that provides more
    oxygen in the bloodstream as well as small blood vessels in the scalp.

  14. ahmm.pero ung lauat po kya eh pede ding gamot sa pagkapanot yung wala na po talagang hair?ma re resolve pa po kya yung ganun?

  15. Jensen Morales said:

    I am worried about my falling hair. I love my long black hair, i hope effective for my hair proble , i wanna try it.

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