..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I have been so busy during the Christmas holidays! I would have wanted to blog about it, but I’m too lazy to write, bleh. Really, I even had to skip my dramas, because all the merry making with friends and family were just too many. It was a total food overload. I am not standing on a weighing scale right now — my tightening pants tell me what I dread to know.

Anyway, it was a good 2010 for me. I am so grateful to God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon me and my family the past year. I am specially thankful that in the previous year, we were blessed with good health. I mean, I need only to recall what 2007-2008 was like with a lot of sickness in the family, and I am so, so relieved that it is now just a difficult memory.

When I think of 2010, I think of our family bonding times in Manila, Rain [of course!], Japan. It was a productive year in terms of work too. And a rewarding year as well. I will not also forget 2010 as the year hubby turned his back from government service, hehehe.

For this new year, I definitely promise to do the following trivial things that I just cannot get myself to do:

  1. Apply all those skin care products I buy and buy but only end up stacked in the corner of my dresser.
  2. Wear make up when I go to work [I just can’t go past the application of sunblock and the lip balm part].
  3. Wear stockings when I’m wearing a skirt to work [yah, I got the stockings just fine and stocked in the closet. It’s just too hot to wear them, aigoo!].
  4. Comb my hair often, hahaha!… because I only do it twice a day, once after taking a bath in the morning, and another time after taking a nap after lunch, hmp.
  5. Take off my shoes in the shoe room, and not leave them scattered in the living room [hubby is always nagging about it].
  6. Drop the dirty clothes in the laundry basket DAILY, instead of accumulating them in the bedroom and collecting it weekly.
  7. Arrange the DVDs after watching them [since I leave them to rot inside the player, sigh].
  8. Clean our bedroom…EVERYDAY.
  9. Clean the ref WEEKLY.
  10. Pray the rosary…after dinner, before I start watching the dramas – this way, I don’t sleep off in the middle.
  11. Make a daily entry in this blog [I wish!].
  12. Continue my free online Korean lessons [I’m stuck in Level 1, Lesson 10]. This year, I hope I finish the three levels [good luck to me!].

I hope God continues to bless us all with love, happiness, peace and good health. A prosperous 2011 to all! Cheers!


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